Sunday, August 31, 2008

A great evil....

The hypocritical buddhists from the North seek once more to raid the sanctuary. They will come in an armada of killer ships and floating factories. They will bring nothing but death and pain.

They will bring weapons of war, cannon and grenade to the Antarctic. They will bring fuel tankers into iceberg minefields... and they will bring the death scientists who will measure whales, put their earwax in little jars and write up their butcher list.

They will kill the most impressive animals on the planet by blasting out their guts then hanging them upside down to drown or bleed out. Recent footage has shown over half an hour, 6 harpoons and rifle shots to kill a small Minke.

But the Japanese whale killers come not just for Minke. They come for Fin Whales, many times larger. Many times harder to kill. They will die hard, thrashing in a red sea.

Endangered animals with a 0 catch limit, within a wildlife sanctuary.

They will demand the fact they are Japanese makes it all ok. But their race matters not, instead these are men judged by their actions.

Judged and found guilty of obscene and cruel crimes. Guilty of risking the entire ecosystem, of risking the very air humanity breaths.

Its time it stopped.

I really like this song.
Makes me love my nation and all the legends I share it with.
Makes me proud to be who I am.
Makes me strong to act on what I believe in.
Makes me happy to stand up and give those whose power plays impact on those I like, a taste of hell. The whale protectors grow in number each day, we will never give up and the Japanese can never shoot or arrest us all.

Back off Japan.
We shouldn't have to say anymore.
Let alone take action to stop your violation.
You are crossing a line we have asked you not to.

You are forcing our hand.
Do you really want to know how far we will go to save these whales from a pointless death at Japanese poachers hands?

When you listen to Carl talk of monsters,

Of the men who would hunt and destroy a natural wonder.... it does not make me angry like it should.
It makes me sad.

We have people risking the health of the ocean, the survival of our species and yet humanity is more interested in blowing each other up over control of the middle east.

I see the whalers as a greater threat to humanity than the 'terrorists' our governments keep us in a constant state of fear about.

Japan has become an enemy of science. An enemy of reason and logic.
They have let their nationalist pride and ego, blind them to the crimes unfolding in their name.

When the whales are gone, and the oceans suffering... who will we blame?
Ourselves for not acting strong enough? Or the nations that hunted them one by one until they were gone forever?

When Japanese whaling delegate Tadahiko Nakamura was asked if he was concerned about the survival of the whales and would he like to have his children and grand-children see the whales.
His answer was shocking. “No,” he said. “My duty is to my family, my country, and my company and that duty is to make as much profit as I can for them today. I am not concerned with future generations. They will have to find ways to survive just as we must find ways to survive today.”
He was then asked if he was concerned that the whales would go extinct. “They may go extinct but that is not my concern. My concern is to realize the maximum profit from them before they do.”

In that quote and this video we see the same attitude.
If nature has to be destroyed for the Japanese whalers/fishermen to make a $$$$ then so be it! Screw the future and screw the rest of the world!

Its the same, we eat fish and they eat fish... so we must kill them all so we can eat all the fish!


Just wait until Japanese scientists discover other animals are breathing oxygen too.

No not just any oxygen BUT JAPANESE OXYGEN!!


1) fin whale is an endangered animal, combined with other threats, whaling is sure to make them extinct. LEARN from history! Don't just repeat mistakes as a 'culture'! Grow UP!!

2) Whale/dolphin meat is full mercury, most toxic result EVER was a Minke sample. Many tests of whale/dolphin meat being sold has turned up EXTREMELY contaminated products.

3) The killing is terrible pr for Japan. Do they want to be known as environmental rapists? Do they want hacking up dolphins to be the defining character of their nation? Do they really want to be known as the ONLY nation to kill endangered cetacean species in the whale sanctuary?

4) Japans whaling industry is millions of dollars in debt, its not viable and leads to boycotts. Japans whaling is over 50 million dollars in debt. An operation to supply whale meat to japans richest citizens, funded by the average Japanese tax payer... all while Japanese homeless die on the streets in winter, when they could have been saved with a 20 cent cup of noodles. Surely the few hundred Japanese engaged in killing cetaceans can be found alternate employment so they no longer impact on the sales of ALL Japanese companies?

5) if Japan does it, others can do it and the whales will be wiped out. After all its racism not to let everyone take 20,000+ cetaceans each year like Japan. What right does Japan have to undo the greatest global co-operation on an environmental issue yet?

Today, only one country in the world continues to conduct whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary: Japan.

"There was a time in Japan during the food shortage hardships of the postwar period when whale meat was taken as a valuable source of protein. We are alive today thanks in a very real sense to this gift, so should we not reach out in gratitude to whales now and seek a path of peaceful coexistence?"

This is the message behind a beautiful new animated work by director Yamamura Koji.

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