Saturday, August 2, 2008

Buddhism VS Whales

This link is a really good read.

I reccomend it.

There are also whale cemeteries in Japan. I have read of a buddhist ceremony in Nagato
where thanks was given to whales that had been killed through whaling, as well as those foetuses that have been found in pregnant females.
The ceremony also included the naming of these foetuses in a book.

Kinda apt I suppose consider over half the whales killed are females and killing off the chicks doesn't usually do a species any favours in the long run!!
So respect their sacrifice so a few people can eat toxic sushi and give their dogs and cats a whale jerky treat!

Is there truth to the rumour that a nisshin maru crew member hung himself before going out to hunt more whales around Japan in May? Any idea if it was because of depression? Or was he shamed because the whalers had been caught out stealing whale meat? I know the ICR is deep in debt and the Japanese are relieing on whale meat sales to ease the drain on their tax dollars. The theft of top grade whale meat is obviously going to hurt this, the lower grade stuff that is used for pet food fetches a much lower price.
or english translation

IF it is true it just seems to echo the whaling boss who also hung himself
after being shamed being caught stealing from Japanese pensioners.

Then of course in early 2007 there was the fire on the Nisshin Maru that resulted in the death of 27-year-old Kazutaka Makita.

Death, depression and shame :(
Not the qualities Buddhism is meant to embrace.

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