Saturday, August 2, 2008

You don't need to cut open a whale to see what it had for dinner!

Japans science is a lie!
There is no need for death with so many alternatives!

The Japanese claim they need to kill Minke as part of their scientific whaling. They say they need age data and can only get this from whales wax ear plugs despite the fact the IWC has said it does not need age data!

So the result is that the Japanese do not shoot whales in the head. Instead they gut shoot them with grenade harpoons to avoid damaging the ear wax.

This incredibly brutal method of killing one of the most advanced animals on the planet is uncalled for.

While the footage may not be as horrific as watching the same Japanese whalers at work in Taiji hacking up dolphins with machette, the sight of a great whale being attacked for half an hour is something that erodes a bit of your soul.

The Japanese whaling industry is a disgrace to all mankind.

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