Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wanna be terrorist bomber arrested.

A FISHERMAN faked a bomb threat against an anti-whaling ship after falling out with some of the crew, a court has heard.
Victorian skipper Kenneth James Archer has admitted phoning Hobart police on March 2 and stating there was a bomb on the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's boat Steve Irwin.

The ship was docked in Hobart after spending the summer chasing Japanese whaling vessels.

The Supreme Court in Hobart heard that Archer, 50, of Lakes Entrance, made the call while he was drinking with a "fairly panoramic view of the dock and the Steve Irwin".

"Your only motivation appears to be that you had a difference of opinion with members of the crew of the boat the day before," Justice Shan Tennent said.

The ship was evacuated while police and emergency services attended.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is satisfied that the sentencing will put an end to the accusations and claims of some critics who have posted on the Internet that Sea Shepherd fabricated the "bomb threat hoax" as a publicity stunt.

IWPO member D. Teal had this to say.

what a loser"
Which we can bring to you as a blog exclusive!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The false choice.

The recent attempts by Japan to change the IWC were put into words by the WDCS quite well.

At this week’s intersessional meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in Rome, a proposal which would lift the ban by granting Japan legal commercial whaling quotas in its coastal waters is to be discussed. In return Japan would voluntarily reduce its controversial scientific whaling in Antarctica.

Now, a new report, ‘Small Type Whaling, A false choice for the IWC’, reveals that the longstanding case Japan has put forward to the IWC for these quotas is inaccurate and flawed.

WDCS’s Sue Fisher said ‘The reality is that Japan does not need coastal whaling and it is attempting to blackmail the IWC into doing its bidding. The real danger of the deal being considered is it implies that coastal whaling is the lesser of two evils.
“However, if adopted, it would lift the ban on commercial whaling and open the floodgates for other countries to restart or expand their own whaling. The IWC is being given a false choice.”

Friday, March 13, 2009

The IWC paradox!

Japan will fight to the end to protect Article 8 'scientific whaling'.
As a move of self preservation though the IWC needs to get rid of it.
While it exists the IWC does not matter. Nobody gives a dam about the IWC anyway. They can't touch you and they can't touch me.
And yet they are seen as the authority on whaling!

There is only one power in the IWC and that is the 75% majority in votes.
This has worked well for Japan. They buy the elephant ivory gathered by African poachers, and African nations vote to allow Japanese poachers to kill whales.

One hand washes the other and the trade in protected animal products has a lot of hands.
We have seen that William Hogarth may be little more than another shady Eugene Lapointe character. Only instead of sending 100,000 elephants to their deaths to feed the Japanese market William instead plans to send thousands of whale corpses.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

William Hogarths blunder....

In what is the most obvious result of the fools deal, Korea has now said it would like to resume whaling if Japan is given the go ahead to expand its Northern Pacific kill operations. (1) (2) Word is he has also awaken the slumbering Russian whaling industry.

I doubt this is what Obama had in mind.
I doubt this is what Japanese tax payers had in mind for their hard earned funds either.
Life is not fair, but it is a shame that the obselete cruelty of whaling lives on still. There is no longer an urgent need for any whale product. The cost is too high.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Cove has landed

The film has now been acquired by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions for distribution in the United States. The U.K.-based the Works Intl., in conjunction with James Atherton's Quickfire Films Fund, has acquired all other territories. In addition, Participant Media has signed on to perform outreach for "The Cove," working with nonprofits and community groups.

The film is an Oceanic Preservation Society presentation of a Jim Clark production, in association with Diamond Docs and SkyFish Films. The film is produced by Paula DuPre Pesmen and Fisher Stevens and executive produced by Jim Clark.

Link to Review in Variety Magazine

This is an important film and one a long time coming. Here at takasito theres a lot of interest building on what is a serious mile stone in dolphin protection. News as it comes!

They invested some big bucks and covertly planted cameras on the beaches, in the air, underwater and in the hills to capture every horrific detail of one of the cruelest and most monstrous massacres of wildlife on the planet.

The result is "The Cove," one of the most extraordinary wildlife crime films ever produced. This film documents and exposes the Taiji dolphin slaughter dramatically, effectively, covertly, and magnificently.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

When anti-SSCS thugs attack!

A recent blogging attack by the disturbed anti-Sea Shepherd thug 'shark diva' certainly went out of its way to attack a very fine lady. Knowing her myself I contacted her about the attacks, and was informed she was blocked from the very website attacking her!

Being a believer in freedom of the press and of Justice in Australia, I have offered to host her reply here.

The story has been pulled, and another with the correct information relayed will be done.
I believed i was talking to an exec producer to org Gemma Pitcher to do interviews for crew on the island, as Ive mentioned previously, I dont do interviews, I set them up for crew. I have done this many times before. The 'story' referred to is a garbled mess of information re the pilot whale stranding in Tas, a write up on the SSCS site and simple 'reinterpretation' by media. At no point did I say the Steve Irwin was at the sperm whale stranding or that there were marine bios and the like onboard. Thats just silly. The where abouts of the Steve Irwin is widely known as it is monitored closely by the media, and there is a film crew onboard.I did discuss the story referred to on the SSCS site briefly and org for HO to be contacted regarding further material (at this point no further info has been sent). I have nothing to gain by telling untruths re who I am (I dont think the position referred to in the 'story' even exists within SSCS) or where the ship was (tho i have little doubt you ll make up some reasons for me) and niether does SSCS, the comments regarding funding are silly also, how would any of these comments create funding. Guys, say what you like about me with the nasty comments and slanderous implications, but dont debate where the Steve Irwin was or whether that was said. Pretty much everyone knows where the vessel was, as it is closely monitored by the media and has a film crew onboard. It appears looking at previous bloggs of yours that this isnt the first time you ve written negative and slanderous words regarding SSCS and you re entitled to your opinions, even if they are based on misinformation.
Mistakes happen in the media, its not the first time and unfortunately it probably wont be the last.
Sharkdiver, you are a coward, a lier and a disgrace.
Your devotion to the Japanese Fisheries Agency is sickening and your 'green-washed' blog is a joke.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Australians in the dark!

Government in the dark on Japanese whaling
Media Release | Spokesperson Rachel Siewert
Tuesday 24th February 2009, 10:47pm

The Federal Government has no idea what whaling operations may have occurred in our own Antarctic waters, say the Australian Greens.

"Questioning in Senate Estimates tonight has revealed that the Australian Government does not know if any whaling occurred in our waters during the current whaling season," said Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert.

"During estimates it was confirmed that the Government had not followed up reports from the Sea Shepherd that they had found at least part of the Japanese fleet in Australian waters."

"So, we don't know how long the fleet was in our waters, if whales were taken and if so how many. In addition, it seems that the Government doesn't even want to ask the Japanese about it," said Senator Siewert.

"The Government doesn't know what is happening because they failed to monitor these operations. One of the reasons given for not monitoring was because the Japanese were not supposed to be in Australian waters this season."

"It is incredible to believe that the Government can't confirm the Japanese were in our waters, if they took any whales or any other information about their operations," she concluded.


Bob Brown your a bloody legend mate!
Keep it up, you are showing the world what an Aussie can do!

Suspect Arrested for Threatening to Bomb the Steve Irwin

04-03-2009 03:23:PM

Suspect Arrested for Threatening to Bomb the Steve Irwin

The Tasmanian police have arrested a suspect who allegedly called police to say he had planted a bomb on the Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin in Hobart harbor. The suspect called in the bomb threat from his own Victoria registered cell phone from Hobart. The police traced the call and identified the owner of the cell phone.

Police showed ships manager Benjamin Baldwin a photograph of the suspect and Ben recognized him as a person he refused to allow on the ship a few hours before the threat was made. Ben reported that the man had been bragging about being in Auckland when Greenpeaces ship the Rainbow Warrior was bombed. Ben thought he was acting strange and told him that he was not welcome to board the ship.

The name of the suspect has not yet been released.

There were only five crewmembers on the ship at the time the threat was made. Five other crewmembers were on King Island assisting with the rescue of stranded pilot whales and a few others were ashore in Hobart.


Let this be a warning to all terrorists. You will find no welcome in Australia.
We don't swing that way!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bomb Threat on the Steve Irwin!

04-03-2009 04:29:AM

Bomb Threat on the Steve Irwin

Report from 2nd Officer Pedro Montiero

At around 11:15pm (Monday, March 2) Tasmanian Police came to the Steve Irwin gangplank and asked the gangplank watch Julie to get the highest ranking officer on board. They stood at the gangplank and reported to me that "someone called in a bomb threat about 20 minutes ago, stating that it would detonate in 30 minutes. You therefore have 10 minutes left." I immediately went to the bridge, rang the abandon ship alarm, than announced the bomb threat on the speaker system. There were five people on board besides me.

Five crewmembers were onboard, some crew were ashore and five others were on King Island rescuing stranded pilot whales.

In total, four police cars showed up. The police believe they have a suspect. They were able to trace the call, so they know where it was made, and where the phone is registered. After waiting past the bomb detonation time Ben and I searched the ship for any suspicious objects, then brought the rest of the crew onboard for a more thorough search. No bombs have been discovered.

The Tasmanian Police were very helpful in this matter and seem to think they have a good chance of finding the person responsible.


Sounds as if the Australian police will be happy to target actual criminals, as opposed to doing the Japanese Fisheries Agencies dirty work. Nice to see.