Thursday, November 20, 2008

Japan and Australia.

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I became involved in the whaling issue when the Japanese government announced its plans to launch a kill mission against the Humpback whales that I enjoy watching at my local beach. That was over a year ago now, and the facebook group to protest Japans whaling that I joined with a few thousand members, now has over 250,000! We all have our own reasons but one thing is clear, the future of the whales is a global issue and by a massive % the world wants the whaling ended.

Propaganda wars have raged accross the internet and there has been lots of nationalist mud slinging between the nations of Australia and Japan in particular.

I just read this bit of news here and noticed two bits that stood out.

"Japan has nil national interest in the whaling industry," Taniguchi continues. "The stake for Japan is near zero. If Australians criticise the Japanese auto industry, Japan must do everything possible to protect the auto industry. This is not the auto industry."

He is writing a long piece for a Japanese magazine, Wedge, to ask Japanese to consider the balance sheet of national interests. On the other side of the ledger, he contends, "this issue is doing substantial damage to Japan's image in Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand," the entire English-speaking world.

For a moment this year Australia hoped the whaling problem would disappear. In May Taro Aso, then secretary-general of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, said if Australia's feelings towards Japan were hurt unnecessarily "only in order to sustain such a small industry", then Japan should "address this issue as quickly as possible", according to an official record of his remarks. Aso made fun of the whaling industry's pretensions to scientific legitimacy.

"Has anyone heard of any scientific results coming from Japan's whaling program?" he posed rhetorically.

So thats interesting but it still ended with a sting.

Many countries have an ugly blemish that mars the total image and makes other peoples recoil in distaste. China has Tibet, the US has Guantanamo Bay, Turkey has Armenian genocide, and Japan has whaling. Uneconomic and increasingly costly to Japan's image, Taniguchi expects it will disappear in a few years. But in the meantime, he fears that escalation could damage the interests of Australia as well as Japan. "Japanese children would be horrified to learn that Australians routinely kill and even eat kangaroos, which they think are much cuter than whales."
PS: If you are interested in Kangaroo conservation and protection try out these two links!
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Monday, November 17, 2008

The science of wrong.

"Practices are not prohibited because they are wrong, they are wrong because they have been prohibited."
~ Prof. Leslie A.White, The Science of Culture (New York, Farrar, Strauss and Cudahy, 1949)

This brings us to the Japanese saying they may lower their kill quota, then not, then maybe. Well... theres a very good reason why they may lower it and it has nothing to do with external pressure.

Rather it is because the kill fleet has lost their fuel re-supply and meat off-loading ship (The Oriental Bluebird) because it was busted doing illegal things & fined the maximum penalty and then de-flagged.

That and the fact that last year the Japanese didnt get any of the enormous endangered Fin whales, but only because they didnt find any. A Finwhale is a massive animal, the second largest ever, smaller only than a blue whale. So its doubtful they themselves expect to find and kill 50 Finwhales. Then again they have already killed 100 of the only slightly smaller sei whales Balaenoptera borealis and they did get 50 of the rare and fast bryde's whales Balaenoptera brydei so it is possible. Even so Finwhales, like brydes, sei and the kings the Blue whales are the most massive creatures. To kill and process is a major undertaking and conditions need to be right

Still the kill fleet includes 8 powerful fast hunter killer boats and a massive floating factory mother ship. This is a large kill mission, the largest of great whales on the planet.

So all the talk by the Japanese of dropping some of their tally in exchange for some sneaky change may all be a bluff, but it matters not. The kill fleet may only be setup to take at max half the butcher list, but if all goes to plan they won't get a single whale.

The anti-whaling crew will never give up.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A win for the humpbacks!!

In what is great news to read.

"We received a lot of pressure from around the world, but particularly Australia and New Zealand, so we will not be catching humpbacks as part of the research programme," said Mr. Takaya.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Post requests?

Curious if anyone browsing this has a subject related to the whaling they would like to know more about. Gimme a comment on this post and will see what I can rustle up!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


First there was the booty post and now, a simple update. Dedicated to the big fish. They were fun to catch while it lasted. If you enjoy random, you may just enjoy this post.
There are kittens AND vikings! There is the weird , the nerdy and the pointless!
Take your time. The cake is not a lie. The flowers are real , and the flutterbyes too. If you are not sold there is also 2 bear attacks and the stars themselves! From the amusing, to a simple Learn to type fast program I am sure you will find something useful or at least distracting!

Project tools

This is to help those of you using an online office. Things have really come a long way with very powerful project creation tools being created. Other tools are more specialised for graphs/presentations, or surveys and polls. Sometimes you may need to know the time any where in the world, to shorten your internet links or even need just to convert between money and measurement systems. These let you save websites as fully functional PDF files- Option 1, option2, And this can Save certain online movies. Others are not quite so serious with audio postcard creator, sign picture generator, text pictures maker, 3d text modelmaker, Prank caller the official seal creator, and always handy tourist remover! A very handy photography tool!

If you need somewhere online to store files and then send? Try these1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
If you need serious Geek tools try these.

Online surfing

Your IP
This is just lists all the google features on one page, while this shows you the search strings.
This is an upgraded calendar while this is an attempt at a custom desktop. Do you use Gmail? Being able to add notes to webpages, is very handy for you to keep track of your favourites! And online highlighting, makes it easier for other people to skip to good bit of a link you post. This is a very handy map that tracks realtime news events. One heck of an interesting geography lesson!!
Have you used torrents before? Well you use them with a torrent client and they let you find almost anything on the net easily, just type its name into google and add the word torrent to the search. As with everything there is legal torrents and not legal ones. This lets you share logins for places that normally make you go through long boring registrations.
If what you needed was not in there, it may be in this list of internet programs.


Sometimes its best to test different passwords before you use them. For getting around computers that block facebook this can work. To protect from hackers and tools to track spammers. Keep your eyes open.


The biology news network and some pictures of blobs! Ancient greek cities.... the tree of life?learn latin or about virtual water and humans on a cell level. Or see movies about cells and their inner workings! Never forget citizen, YOU too are an animal And the animals are wiping out. Cell by cell and species by species.
If you didn't scratch your science itch yet, try this.

Last up is some videos!

You can find hundreds of good documentary here and here. There is also the Zeitgeist movies and I think the second one of them says a lot of interesting things about our economy. Another good movie about money is this one.
We are a people in danger, and while we ARE making progress on many problems.. as the guru Chris explains the problems are still the same. The same age old problems that EVERYONE can see but that are never fixed. Now this may be the most boring 8 part series on the internet.
But if everyone on the planet watched it, it would wake everyone up to what exactly having so many humans on earth means to us all. Consider using either this or this alarm clock to wake up from the parts, it does get very interesting around part 5.
We have a long way to go as a species, and we will have to learn we are a very small part of a very large universe. That and we need to look out for bears.

If you need a quick game after that epic quest these 150 online games are waiting. I reccomend dino-run, Dolphin Olympics2, ZWOK, Flow, and gemcraft.

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