Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dangerous Times

In 5 days.

On the 15th the IWC holds a meeting to decide whether to end the ban on commercial whaling or not.

As it stands the Japanese whalers are engaged in illegal poaching of protected whales in a wildlife sanctuary.

If the ban is ended, then the whalers go fullscale legit.
It will be difficult to stop the industrial scale slaughter that will then begin.
Nation after nation will take Japans lead.

In short, the whales will be fucked up.

I have no real plan or advice that I can give. But this is an end to decades of effort... or at least it might be.
The Japanese whalers are playing a power card, and it will not be easy to stop.

I wish I could give you a version of Al Pacino's Inch By Inch speech
But I just don't have the skills.

So I'm just gonna say if you have an idea, use it. If you have done something in the past, consider doing it again. We have the numbers, we either act...

or we see the whales die in our times.

live or die

Your whales, your choice.

It may be your last real chance to have a say.

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