Saturday, August 2, 2008

The guru hoju saram

I am going to copy paste a comment from here.

Its easy to hand pick the most extreme elements of the anti-whaling lobby for target practice, without actually addressing any of the relevent issues that have been raised. What’s more laughable, someone who says that Whales are intelligent - great laugh, that one - or a body that claims to have a cultural mandate for kiling them, when we all know that there is no link between seaborne slaughterhouses operating on the other side of the world and traditional whaling in Japanese coastal waters. Even beter - your quirky uncle would love this one - the need to harvest them on a massive scale to better manage them. Ha!

Lets get to the crux of the matter so that you have something to actualy argue about instead of googling the silliest arguments you can find and barrel shooting them.

Japan is targeted by anti-whalers because

1. They hunt (or hunted until recently) whales that are endangered (fin) and vulnerbale (humpback). Most Cow species are not endangered.

2. They hunt these animals in what Australia considers territorial waters. Australia designated these waters as a breeding sanctuary, so that the whale stocks might increase from their current levels.

3.Whale -watching is an important industry in Australia and the South Pacific. In Tonga and Fiji, for example, whale-watching is very important to their tourism industries, the funds benefiting many poor local communities. Also, people happen to like watching them, swimming with them and surfing with them (gasp!)

4. The techniques used to kill whales are cruel when compared to other animals. Whales often take up to an hour or more to die.

Japan is targeted by Australia more than, say, Norway, specificaly for reasons 2, and 3. Not, as you suggested before, out of some bizarre link to the Stolen Generation, which I stil haven’t managed to figure out yet.

Perhaps, insead of talking about French sexual theorists, you might consider actually arguing about the points in contention. Just an idea.

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