Thursday, March 5, 2009

When anti-SSCS thugs attack!

A recent blogging attack by the disturbed anti-Sea Shepherd thug 'shark diva' certainly went out of its way to attack a very fine lady. Knowing her myself I contacted her about the attacks, and was informed she was blocked from the very website attacking her!

Being a believer in freedom of the press and of Justice in Australia, I have offered to host her reply here.

The story has been pulled, and another with the correct information relayed will be done.
I believed i was talking to an exec producer to org Gemma Pitcher to do interviews for crew on the island, as Ive mentioned previously, I dont do interviews, I set them up for crew. I have done this many times before. The 'story' referred to is a garbled mess of information re the pilot whale stranding in Tas, a write up on the SSCS site and simple 'reinterpretation' by media. At no point did I say the Steve Irwin was at the sperm whale stranding or that there were marine bios and the like onboard. Thats just silly. The where abouts of the Steve Irwin is widely known as it is monitored closely by the media, and there is a film crew onboard.I did discuss the story referred to on the SSCS site briefly and org for HO to be contacted regarding further material (at this point no further info has been sent). I have nothing to gain by telling untruths re who I am (I dont think the position referred to in the 'story' even exists within SSCS) or where the ship was (tho i have little doubt you ll make up some reasons for me) and niether does SSCS, the comments regarding funding are silly also, how would any of these comments create funding. Guys, say what you like about me with the nasty comments and slanderous implications, but dont debate where the Steve Irwin was or whether that was said. Pretty much everyone knows where the vessel was, as it is closely monitored by the media and has a film crew onboard. It appears looking at previous bloggs of yours that this isnt the first time you ve written negative and slanderous words regarding SSCS and you re entitled to your opinions, even if they are based on misinformation.
Mistakes happen in the media, its not the first time and unfortunately it probably wont be the last.
Sharkdiver, you are a coward, a lier and a disgrace.
Your devotion to the Japanese Fisheries Agency is sickening and your 'green-washed' blog is a joke.

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