Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wanna be terrorist bomber arrested.

A FISHERMAN faked a bomb threat against an anti-whaling ship after falling out with some of the crew, a court has heard.
Victorian skipper Kenneth James Archer has admitted phoning Hobart police on March 2 and stating there was a bomb on the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's boat Steve Irwin.

The ship was docked in Hobart after spending the summer chasing Japanese whaling vessels.

The Supreme Court in Hobart heard that Archer, 50, of Lakes Entrance, made the call while he was drinking with a "fairly panoramic view of the dock and the Steve Irwin".

"Your only motivation appears to be that you had a difference of opinion with members of the crew of the boat the day before," Justice Shan Tennent said.

The ship was evacuated while police and emergency services attended.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is satisfied that the sentencing will put an end to the accusations and claims of some critics who have posted on the Internet that Sea Shepherd fabricated the "bomb threat hoax" as a publicity stunt.

IWPO member D. Teal had this to say.

what a loser"
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