Friday, March 13, 2009

The IWC paradox!

Japan will fight to the end to protect Article 8 'scientific whaling'.
As a move of self preservation though the IWC needs to get rid of it.
While it exists the IWC does not matter. Nobody gives a dam about the IWC anyway. They can't touch you and they can't touch me.
And yet they are seen as the authority on whaling!

There is only one power in the IWC and that is the 75% majority in votes.
This has worked well for Japan. They buy the elephant ivory gathered by African poachers, and African nations vote to allow Japanese poachers to kill whales.

One hand washes the other and the trade in protected animal products has a lot of hands.
We have seen that William Hogarth may be little more than another shady Eugene Lapointe character. Only instead of sending 100,000 elephants to their deaths to feed the Japanese market William instead plans to send thousands of whale corpses.

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Darin Padula said...

I am nit close friends with Bill Hogarth, but I have spent time talking with him candidly and you are painting him all wrong. He is a man tied by the political power of other nations, no doubt. But he hates whalig and he hates the farce that are the voting members of the IWC bought by Japan. What it comes down to is that if Japan allows it's fisheriesto come under international regulation, they will lose tuna, and other big ticket items. Whalig is nothing more than a buffer item for the world to keep usu with while the Asian nations continue to rape the seas.
Bill knows the key is aquaculture, btw