Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stink bombs are just some rotten butter.

If the Japanese whalers are so worried about 'chemicals' that smell bad.... why did they get a job cutting open dead whales in the first place?
I know most of you have not been around a dead whale, but even a fresh one don't smell too charming once ya get into the blood and guts of it all.
Ya have to argue whether the stink bombs made the place smell better or worse.... and if the 'acids' inside the whale were more dangerous than the ones inside the stink bombs?

Infact considering the very real risk of catching the ball rotting disease brucella while hacking up whales, theres the chance the stink bombs had an anti-septic effect and actually improved worker safety.

Seriously, fill a bottle with butter and leave it to ferment. You will soon have your fearsome chemical ACID weapon.

The mind boggles at the terms the Japanese would use to describe a thrown chicken egg! Probably something like this.


Oh of course there would be a link to hydrogen sulfide of some type too. lol

But seriously the stink bombs are just rotten butter, the reason they smell so bad is due to the Butyric Acid content of the rotten butter. Butyric Acid is certainly not the deadly chemical weapon the Japanese make it out to be.

In 2008 we saw the Nisshin Maru claiming injury of two crew from a butyric acid attack.
Paul Watson responded to the claims with

"My crew did not injure anyone," said Captain Watson. "This is just a spin designed to get public sympathy for men who are themselves vicious and ruthless killers of whales."

The Japanese claim that two whalers were injured when six liters of butyric acid were tossed onto the flensing deck of the Nisshin Maru.

According to Japan's Fisheries Agency spokesman, Hideki Moronuki, the two Japanese crewmen sustained injuries from the attack after one was hit by an empty container of acid and the other had acid squirted in his eye.

"Nice try, but a total fabrication," said Captain Watson. "The butyric acid is contained in one-liter glass bottles, all of which broke upon contact with the flensing deck of the Nisshin Maru. These bottles are sealed and the acid released after being broke, so it is impossible to be hit by an empty bottle. Secondly, no one squirted butyric acid into anyone's eye, and even if they did, this is a simple non-toxic butter acid, basically rancid butter. It will not cause eye injury. If we had tossed marshmallows on the deck of the Nisshin Maru, I'm sure the whalers would try to claim they were injured by them"


Anonymous said...

No guy, you're wrong. Rotten butter is not just stinky butter. Get a chemists book and search for Butyric Acid. The smell of it can make you puke straigh away, cannot be breath at all since it is corrosive, the liquid can burn you skin. It's not just a stinky rotten butter ;)

Anonymous said...

What Anonymous forgot to consider is the concentration of the Butyric Acid. While butter and other fatty acids do contain Butyric Acid naturally, this is far from a pure sample that would be described in a chemist's reference book.

To put it in terms that we all can relate to, consider normal household nail polish remover - typically 3% to 11% acetone by weight. Now consider industrial grade acetone - often 90% to 100% by weight. Industrial acetone will cause skin burns, respiratory edema, and has a depressive effect on the central nervous system. Regular nail polish is "diluted" and isn't nearly as dangerous as pure acetone. A similar comparison would be ordinary Windex and industrial ammonia.

So, while butyric acid is extremely dangerous in pure form, rotten butter is hardly pure butyric acid.

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