Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Joji Morishita

"These men have been painted as heroes," said Joji Morishita, consulate for the Japanese government's powerful Fisheries Agency, which sponsors the whale hunts. "They're not heroes."


So the power tripper Joji Morishita wants to lock the lads Toru Suzuki & Junichi Sato away for a decade to boost the Fisheries Agencies ego. Well they may find Japans image will pay dearly for that choice. Japans sponsorship of illegal whale poaching, & support for the ivory trade is unacceptable in this day and age. Its a disgrace, and history will record Toru and Junichi as hero's.


Anonymous said...

May Joji Morishita's reincarnation return him as a dolphin off the coast of his beloved Taiji ...

Anonymous said...

That would be defining justice, yet currently, it accomplishes nothing. I hereby promise to boycott Japanese tourism and trade in any fashion and opportunity I may encounter and articulate why as I do it outloud. I watched "The Cove" today, programed "Blood Dolphins" into my recorder, alongside "Whale Wars".