Monday, October 6, 2008

Kims Antarctica Fairytale!

We have threats now that international efforts will be made now to arrest 2 Sea Shepherd members for throwing some stink bombs.

This is perhaps typical of todays law enforcement. To pursue very vigorously individuals performing civil disobedience or other protest actions, while allowing hundreds or even thousands of corporate executives to comprehensively break the laws without obstruction, or even with so-called law enforcement's help and protection.

Corporations and governments from many countries have been despoiling this last wilderness continent in complete contempt for international law.

In Japan we have the travesty of police arresting the protestors of a crime while the criminals stand right at hand. As private security for corporations it makes sense to overlook gross malfeasance while brutally pursuing small individual protest actions, which to corporations are indeed the more dangerous of the two.

So the only answer at this point is to use modern technology to act at a distance, and with perfect anonymity. With current communication technology, the means now exist to act in ways that encrypt and squester the identity of the actors so watertightly that no one will ever know who they really were.

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