Monday, December 29, 2008

Angry Australians.

Theres only one man I know of able to unite Australians and Kiwi's in happy hatred. His name is Glenn Inwoods and he is the hype man for the Japanese Whalers. Here is an example of him is full swing.

Now, people here have asked me why people in Australia support Paul Watson? Well a good part of the reason is Glenn Inwoods. Yes he IS hated in NZ too. Elsewhere in the world he is known for his desire to expand whaling by many times to take tens of thousands of Minke yearly.

His quotes today have once again put fire in the bellys of Australians. Looks like we may yet see some naval action after all!

For the moment though, our hopes are with SSCS.
Shut these whale killing criminals down Paul!
And do it quickly!

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